Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Im a survivor!

1st July 2009 (Wednesday)

Day 46: Tuesday (16.06.2009)

Spent the day in the library, yet again.

Oh, guess who's this?

Day 47: Wednesday (17.06.2009)

And the war starts TOMORROW!

Day 48: Thursday (18.06.2009)

The begin of a war.
One battle done. Another 3 to look forward to.

Win or lose?

As long as i give my best shot and not throw my parents hard earn money into the toilet bowl.

Day 49: Friday (19.06.2009)

Next week, this time, say hello to winter break.

To-do list:

1. Hibernate.

2. Good food.

3. Do nothing.

4. Do nothing.

5. Do nothing.

6. Watch all movies/series available.

7. Behave worst than a pig.

8. Exercise.

9. Fix my hair.

10. Shopping/Window shopping because im broke :(
11. Hang out with the girls WITHOUT the books/lecture notes/past years.

12. Laugh without stress.

13. Dance without guilt.

14. Cry for the joy of the temporary freedom.

15. Clean my room.
16. Do nothing.

17. Do nothing.

18. Do nothing.
19. Do nothing.

20. Pray for results.

Day 50/51/52/53: Saturday - Tuesday (20.06.2009 - 23.06.2009)

No, you didn't miss anything.

routine: sleep, eat, study, sleep, eat, study.

I've sat for 3 papers. one more to go. and i dont feel like studying anymore.
physically and mentally tired. no time to sleep. just naps. my 3rd bottle of cough mixture since i left home.

too much MSG during dinner, therefore the now funny taste in my mouth.

again, maybe, i shouldnt have taken up this course.

Sigh, if only i knew...if only...

in the midst of exam, a friend left for home. bad bad timing because i didn't get to attend his farewell, nor say goodbye (in real). 

Hello Ben! if you're reading this.
i hope all's good back home :) 

All the best with the interviews!!

miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :(

Day 54/55: Wednesday/Thursday (24.06.2009/25.06.2009)

Oh, what's new? I've got another paper on Friday :(

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