Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mid-Sem Break / Tulip Farm

29th September 2009 (Tuesday)

one week of mid-semester break, i gave myself the weekend until tuesday to rest and have all the fun i can get. with no prior plans for the holidays, i find myself catching up with sleep given the rainy days on weekends.

Monday came and i headed to the city with Carman with a mission in hand - to shop (not me). On the same night, i attempted my baking skills and baked a carrot walnut cake that can't go wrong (since i bought the cake mix from coles :p). BUT, things got a bit out of hand when the icing mix was mixed with the cake mix and thrown to bake in the oven together with the cake mix. and throughout the whole baking and mixing of oil, water and eggs into the cake mix, i was actually pretty happy and proud to be able to bake a cake. i left the cake in the oven for 40minutes while i enjoyed an episode of Heroes. came back to the kitchen to find a burnt cake. :((((( thank God for the cake mix was bought for less than 5 bucks. lesson learnt :(
dont laugh!

Finally uploaded some pictures from some time ago.

Our first dimsum without the rest. for the first time, we were sitted in the middle, a massive reduction in table size since there were only 4 of us :(

On the eve of mid-semester break, we had a mini celebration.
why the celebration? soon to be announced ;)

again, just the four of us.
again, a small squared table, just nice to fit all the dishes we ordered.

wayyyyy too much food for 4 person, but it was damn good!

Highlight for mid-semester break: Lunch at Mt Dandenong and Tulip Farm.

The girls first visit to Ripe Cafe @ Mt Dandenong.

Lim Khai Way, this is for you.

Next, Tulip Farm! in conjunction with the on-going Tulip Festival.
Thank God for good weather!

sunny day + tulips + great company + good food = Awesome day :)))))

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