Sunday, September 27, 2009


27th September 2009 (Sunday)

another cold rainy day.

a few days back, Sheau Chin asked: 'am i weird?'
if she thinks she's weird, i guess im equally weird.

nowadays, staying home feels like the best thing to do when theres nothing to do. i'd rather stay home and stare into my laptop, one episode after another, until im bored of it, i'll do my laundry or maybe cook for lunch/dinner. else, just chilling at the bar sounds good to me. or maybe, a slice of cake and mocha to go with. or maybe, just spending time with those close to heart. socialise? meeting new people? nahhhhhhhh. im too lazy for that.
does this make me weird?

the movie 'the race to witchmountain' sounds familiar to you?
carman and i spent 90 minutes on that movie and concluded that we've outgrown Disney movies. bad newsssssssssss :(((

on Facebook, a photo album posted by Maha. the girls are having fun back home, im glad :) damn i miss home and of course, missing the girls a whole lot.

because my life is pretty stagnant at the moment, hence no pictures. im boring like that.

i guess the whole 'failed two subjects in one semester' incident hit me real hard. i've became this person that has no confidence filled with negative thoughts and super duper unsatisfied over so so many things. not good. in the process of feeling like a failure, i think i might have upset people around me and i feel terrible over it. sorry.

omg the sadness in my blog is annoying.

happy thoughts pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

has been raining the whole day and it's really upset-ing! ishhh.

nowadays, im just too lazy for pictures.


looking back :)))))

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