Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rain, lightnings and yesterdays dinner

Had been awhile since it rained this badly in Melbourne. Well not that I can remember. It freaks me out a little to see the lightning right outside my window, twice in a day. Because this doesn't happen often, I wasn't sure if the house is safe from such thunderstorm. Was in the rain for a bit when I was on my way back from uni and surprisingly I wasn't freezing to death. I guess I can finally say bye to winter, for now. It's gonna be shorts, dresses, flip-flops, sandals, sunnies, cold drinks and a whole lot of ice-cream!! can't wait. just hope that a few weeks down the road, I don't eat my own words when the weather gets too hot. because it happens =/

Below is what I had yesterday for dinner. I cooked! hohoho.
sigh, im REALLY considering a new camera. the pictures are..just...bad...

Japanese curry on crispy chicken fillet, served with rice and lettuce.

Im hungry and Im waiting for my KFC.

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