Thursday, November 04, 2010

nothing should stop me

a conversation lead me to realize how unhappy I feel about myself. As cheerful and as fine I may appear, it is really not that hard to put up a face for everyone to see. i miss what I had and losing it made me feel that I have lost the right to be happy. No longer I feel proud of my achievements. I don't feel comfortable talking about it anymore and constantly hope that none will ask any questions regarding my education. yes you hear me. I was never a person to compare result and/or brag about it and never will. When I say 'let's not talk about it', I really mean 'I don't want to talk about it' full stop. I really really really want to hide when it comes to studies. Like, literally, hide and not talk about it. maybe one day when I start my first job and am satisfied with where my education has brought me to, I will talk about it. Until then, leave my education alone. All you have to do is wish me all the best for my exams and that's all i need thank you very much. Graduation don't seem so fun and exciting anymore. no i wont be graduating this year.


what im about to say is gonna make me sound like an ungrateful spoiled brat. I WANT A NEW CAMERA! note: W.A.N.T
along with the camera, I'd love to go on a holiday and a shopping spree.

wishlist aside, I am currently waiting for 'the day', where I'll spend my day roaming the city streets/lanes, visit Victoria Market, read a book, have a pastry/cupcake, and a good cup of mocha flat white.

oh, remember this song?

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