Tuesday, December 28, 2010

no other excuse, just lazy

My wish has been granted. for all I do now is eat, watch korean series, surf the net, laze around, meet up with friends, shopping and spend time with the family.

So the usual questions:
1. When are you graduating?
next year end.

2. How long is your course?
4 years.

3. Why is it taking you so long to complete?
cause i failed. (thanks i loveeeee being asked this question)

4. Are you planning to stay back after graduation?
yes i am.
Provided if I score an almost full marks for IELTS and my determination is great enough to sustain me through the gruesome period of getting a PR and landing an awesome job.

5. How long will you be back for holidays?
3 months. Leaving after Chinese New Year.

So, above are the Top 5 questions I've been asked ever since stepping foot back in Malaysia. If it's not obvious enough, I really DON'T enjoy being asked about my graduation. It's something I look forward to yet despise at the same time. I just can't get over it! Ignore me if you have to.

Other than that, being home had been good. Though sometimes, it makes me wonder what will life be like if I've never left home. Whatever it is, I'm glad I did and as much as I love Malaysia as home, for the near future, I'd like to be away and explore places other than my comfort zone. So for the remaining days of 2010, I'm thankful for all the decisions I've made thus far, happy with the people I've met, glad for the things I've went through (good/bad) and eternally grateful for my family and friends.

omg my baby sister is 9 years old today. Will talk about her birthday celebrations soon! heading out for dinner bye.

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